Stop and Ban the Cheaters – PES 2015

Just watched the champions league and the urge has come to play some PES online. After watching Porto beat BATE Borisov 6-0 they’re an obvious decision to play with. Game found. Of course your opponent chooses Real Madrid, no big deal, you play Real Madrid every game. You hope Brahimi is on a red, after all he did just score a hatrick, no such luck. You glance over at the Madrid team, seems about right Ronaldo up top by himself. You’ve picked your team but they’re taking the full 2 minutes to do theirs so you check their rating. You’re playing a guy with an 80% win ratio and 2/0.5 goals for and against average – time to concentrate!

Game starts, you know this is going to be tough so concentration and discipline are paramount. No silly lapses in possession, make sure you get that cursor on the sweeper for those through balls and above all finish the chances you get. Tight first half and you get in at the break at 0-0, they’re not as good as their record would suggest. Feeling good about this you open up a little more in the second half. 60 minutes in: beautiful bit of football complimented with a lovely finish you’re 1-0 up! Just a case of holding on now…

20 minutes later and Madrid still haven’t really tested you, something isn’t right. They’re trying but can’t break you down, surely with a record like this there would be more of a threat? 5 minutes to go. Time to play it safe with a little keep ball…

Then the game locks up, the dreaded connection animation is spiraling in the bottom-left corner. Have they quit out and given you the 3-0 win. Of course not, they have manipulated their internet connection so the game lags out and is cancelled. “This match will now be abandoned as connection quality has significantly worsened.”

Sound familiar?

PES Cheat

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