Babangida – How Fast Is He?


This week’s special agent is for the 5 legends and Babangida. Babangida, part of PES history, is legendary for his pace – but just how fast is he?

Well, officially he has a speed attribute of 99, it doesn’t get any higher than that. His explosive power is also impressive at 94. The question is though how does this compare to how speedsters on PES 2016. Here are his statistics:

Babangida's Statistics


The overall next most notable fastest player is Arjen Robben, he can boast some pretty impressive statistics also. Whilst he doesn’t have the speed Babangida has, he does beat him on explosive power with a score of 97. Check out Robben’s statistics below:

Robben Statistics

The Rest:

Elsewhere we look at Messi, Ronaldo and Bale’s speed; all of who pale in comparison for speed. In short, how fast is Babangida? The fastest.

Messi Statistics Ronaldo Statistics Bale Statistics

Assuming you have none of the players this agent offers then you have a 0.9% chance of landing Babangida. Good luck!


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