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FIFA Fan Converts to PES


Since 2007, I have been an avid fan of the FIFA franchise. I have almost religiously purchased and pre-ordered each year’s iteration, and can honestly say that I have had had many fantastic experiences with FIFA. However, there is no denying that over the past few years, the FIFA games …

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The Price of myClub Coins

myClub Coins

The PES myClub coin price structure is now available. [csv src=] As you can see there is a slight discount per coin if you’re a big spender.

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PES 2015 – A Critical Review – What Needs Improving


PES 2015 has received unanimously good reviews. Whilst there is no doubt Pro Evolution Soccer has improved, especially in comparison to the train wreck that was PES 2014, it is worth analysing it taking a more critical approach. Highlighted below are the aspects Konami can already start working on for …

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An Introduction To PES myClub

PES myClub Main Menu Screenshot

Konami’s apparent attempt at Ultimate Team, myClub, is just that, apparent. Both modes incorporate micro-transactions and share the same end goal of building the ultimate team, excuse us for sounding pro FIFA. The clear similarities end there though. Ultimate Team is more of a play games, earn coins, buy the …

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PES 2015 – Full Review

PES 2015 - Full Review

Konami have spent the last what seems like forever promising everything is going to better this year. They’ve introduced the new fox engine, opted to not release PES 2014 on the Xbox One or PS4 and have delayed PES 2015, which usually would have been released in September, until mid November. Did …

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PES myClub Live Update Information

Live Updates - PES myClub

Konami have announced that the live update element of myClub, which will update player stats and team performance across English, French, Italian, Spanish and Brazilian leagues, will start from November 20th. These updates will be on a weekly basis. The myClub game mode will be active from launch on November …

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PES 2015 Demo – Full Review

Ronaldo - PES 2015 Demo

Firstly, let us say we acknowledge the PES 2015 demo is not the final product and we expect it to be much improved come the release date 13th November. The below review is taken based upon game play from the Xbox One. Let’s start where the demo starts, the menus. They …

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Confession of a PES Lag Cheater

PES Lag Cheaters

Anyone who has played PES online will have come across a lag cheater at some point. We ask ourselves why do they feel the need to do it. Many consider it to be the most annoying part of Pro Evolution Soccer, and justifiably so. Usually they lurk in the shadows, …

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Player Ratings – Top 25 – PES 2015

Messi - #1 Rated Player on PES 2015

Courtesy of Prorevo Blog we now know the ratings for the top 25 players on PES 2015. This information comes from the PC version. Whether these ratings will be changed before the full release is open to debate. As you can see from the table they do differ from the demo. …

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