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An Introduction To PES myClub

PES myClub Main Menu Screenshot

Konami’s apparent attempt at Ultimate Team, myClub, is just that, apparent. Both modes incorporate micro-transactions and share the same end …

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PES 2015 – Full Review

PES 2015 - Full Review

Konami have spent the last what seems like forever promising everything is going to better this year. They’ve introduced the new …

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PES myClub Live Update Information

Live Updates - PES myClub

Konami have announced that the live update element of myClub, which will update player stats and team performance across English, …

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PES 2015 Demo – Full Review

Ronaldo - PES 2015 Demo

Firstly, let us say we acknowledge the PES 2015 demo is not the final product and we expect it to be …

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Confession of a PES Lag Cheater

PES Lag Cheaters

A very honest and fascinating confession of a PES lag cheater. We’ve all come across them but this player has …

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Player Ratings – Top 25 – PES 2015

Messi - #1 Rated Player on PES 2015

Courtesy of Prorevo Blog we now know the ratings for the top 25 players on PES 2015. This information comes from …

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PES myClub – What We Now Know – Full Details

PES myClub Main Menu Screenshot

PES myClub is essentially Master League Online but with more detail and more interaction. Courtesy of WinningElevenBlog we now have …

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PES 2015 – Online Modes Announced

PES myClub Screenshot - Online

Konami have announced these specific online modes for PES 2015. myClub: Similar to Master League, manage and build your own team …

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Music Tracks Confirmed for PES 2015

PES 2015 - Music Revealed

The following music tracks have been confirmed for PES 2015. The list includes music from the charts which is far …

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PES 2015 Player Ratings – Demo

Player Ratings - PES 2015 Demo

Below are the player ratings for the top 10 players from the PES 2015 demo; it is likely an indication …

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