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myClub Coins Now Available

Where to purchase myClub coins

myClub coins are now available for purchase. You can do this via the main menu on myClub and clicking myClub Store. Within here you can also check your myClub coin balance, increase player slots and create additional scout slots. Pricing for myClub coins is as follows: 100: 0.79GBP  250: 1.99GBP  …

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How to Get The Highest Team Spirit in PES 2016 myClub

team spirit

If you have PES 2016 team spirit has become very important to you. Team spirit is myClub’s measurement of how well your team work/gel together and therefore has a direct impact on your team’s results. It is measured from 0 to 99. It is determined by the manager you select …

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myClub in PES 2016: An Introduction

myClub Experience Points

Check out the video below to see the basics of myClub in PES 2016. Mostly it is similar to myClub in PES 2015 but there are a few key changes including trainers, manager differences and the concept of experience and therefore players leveling up. Here is our first match on myClub …

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PES 2016 Soundtrack Revealed

PES 2015 - Music Revealed

The PES 2016 soundtrack has been revealed. 13 tracks have been announced which include the famous Queen anthem “We Will Rock You”. Here is the full 13 song soundtrack list: Queen – “We Will Rock You” Joywave – “Somebody New” Broken Bells – “After the Disco” Passion Pit – “Lifted …

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What We Know About myClub In PES 2016 So Far

myClub PES 2016

With just under two weeks to go before the big PES 2016 release, here is what we know about myClub in PES 2016 so far. The new rumored player level system has now been confirmed. The players’ level is determined by experience points; at the end of each game your players …

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PES 2016 Demo Review – The Gameplay

PES 2016 Demo

The PES 2016 demo was released last week and has received the highest praise from just about everyone that has played it – and rightfully so. Let’s discuss exactly what has warranted these glowing reviews and what improvements can still be made from a gameplay perspective. Put into one phrase …

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myClub in PES 2016: What Needs To Be Fixed

PES myClub Main Menu Screenshot

myClub got off to a good start in PES 2015. A “good” start because it was received positively by the PES community but did have elements that were clearly in need of fixing. The Transfer Market: The Problem: There is no method of being able to buy specific players and …

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myClub in PES 2016: The Gameplay

By this point I think we all unanimously agree that PES 2015’s gameplay is superior to FIFA 15’s. PES 2015 is one of those games that, when you play it for the first time, is totally encaptivating because of the randomness and sheer rawness the gameplay would produce. Goals from …

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myClub in PES 2016: Balancing The Teams


The Problem: I think I speak for everyone when I say I’m tired of playing a team with a combination of Ronaldo, Zlatan, Robben, Bale, Ramos and the other usual suspects. Unfortunately this has become a far too frequent occurrence on PES 2015 and as a result is killing the …

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